”Laita perunasäkki päähän”

We had our first lesson on photography. / Now let’s go to the studio. You’ll spend the rest of the day doing these exercises. / I really need to revise these at home.

Where’s the shutter button?

Mum, could I borrow your system camera? // You may keep it. / What, really? // It’s so heavy I don’t like carrying it around.

”Ehkä hänellä on syys”

I’m going to update this blog once a week at least for the rest of the year. / If she doesn’t she won’t be allowed to read any comic blogs and then she’ll be pissed off.

Idea pöllitty Tuukalta, Anjalta, Ninniltä ja Hernyltä. Vähän myöhässä aloitan.

In the morning I bike 2,7 kilometres to the school. / At noon I’m biking 2,7 kilometres back home for lunch. / Then I’ll bike yet another 2,7 kilometres to school. / And finally I’m biking back home in the afternoon. / I’ve biked ten kilometres today. Sounds so sporty.

”Voi jumalauta!”

I’ve got a problem. / My former flatmate and current flatmate are almost identical when I draw them. / Elli (before she cut her hair short) and Reetta (without make up)

I could draw Reetta with curly hair. / Goddammit! / I just bought a new hair straightener!



Why do I look so weird? / Oh right, forgot to draw the wrinkles!


Revenge of the Nerds: Just wanted to watch some 80s movie. But this really sucked. / Watchmen: Couldn’t sleep so I watched this. / Public Enemies: We just discussed how versatile Johnny Depp is as an actor. / Fuma Conspiracy: Fucking Goemon. He is pretty weird…

Wisper of the Heart / How you’re supposed to watch this: It’s so romantic! Seiji’s so wonderful! / Shuzuku marry me! // How we actually watched it: Why do I own this DVD? The fuck?

The Cat Returns: I’m always laughing at this movie. No wonder… / Life of Brian: Not quite as good as I was expecting but okay. / The Aviator: I’m so fucking tough!