Korppi on oikeus!

I went for breakfast four times now you have to make pancakes. / Already did. They’re on the kitchen table.

Emmi-kun, here’s your serving. / Is there ketchup. / Of course there is! / Thank you!  / I didn’t have any myself so you can have some tomorrow.

After we’ve eaten we’ll go look for the hoodie. / Yeeees. / Juice! (?) / Hello! / H’llo! / Can we take some of these? / As many as you like. / Emmi dammit come ’ere now!

They’re giving away clothes hangers! / Cool! / Now we must hoard them! / A good thing we didn’t go looking for that hoodie earlier. / Yes.

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  1. saatana, mäki haluun värittää noin tasasesti vesiväreillä D:

    öhöhöö, me ollaan nii ittemme näkösiä! noi viikset kruunaa kaiken


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