Teitähän kiinnostaa

Saatte kuulla 50 faktaa MINUSTA kunhan jaksan niistä kaikista piirtää. Haaste on ymmärtääkseni Hillon keksimä. Kunnia hänelle.

I’ll tell you 50 facts of ME but it might just take a while for me to draw them. Hillo’s made up this meme. Praise him.

I study Media and Communication Studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. / Today we’ll talk about copyrights! / Trying to… concentrate… / Two seconds later: The teacher was talking about what?

Tätä piirtäessäni sain tietooni tämän uutisen. ”Viestinnän koulutusohjelmaan (medianomi AMK) ja kemiantekniikan koulutusohjelmaan (insinööri AMK) ei oteta lainkaan uusia opiskelijoita.” Koska kulttuuri on täysin turha ala.

Yeah and basically they won’t teach media in my school after my class has graduated because culture is useless and shit and people should get real jobs.

Memory Foooooam!

You seem very interested in those Christmas catalogues. / But these bargains are so STUPID. / ”Nailclipper with a flash light exclamation mark.” ”A fantastic super warm headgear.” It’s actually fucking ugly just look at it.

And then there’s some pillow for sitting: ”Memory Foam – it takes shape after your fucking arse.” / ”It’s also wonderful for car rides” Cars tend to have such hard benches, right?

Just think about it. Someone might take one to church!

Next day at school.


I simply have to see this film! / Let’s see when they’re showing this in local theatres. / WHAT. / They’re not featuring this in Japanese at all. Only in Finnish.


Hyvin inside.

At school: Our campus’s library also has Donald Duck magazines. In case you want to study comics. / Because there aren’t any other comics besides Donald Duck. At least ones that are better.

Jostain syystä ”Liiketalous ja kulttuuri Pori” lyhennetään Lipo eikä Likupo.

Tomorrow’s my day off. Don’t feel like going to sleep yet. / I could make that DeviantART improvement meme and laugh at my old artworks. / Wait a sec, these aren’t so bad. / Actually I’m quite proud of my younger self.




Ooh, sketchbooks on discount. / I can pay if you’d like to have a few sketchbooks. / So I hoarded them. Thanks, Mom!


I’ve finally learned photography. / I started out with the most difficult models possible. / At least it’s been fun.