Ennen kuin kerron jännästä elämästäni Oriveden opiston sarjislinjalla, laitan tänne vielä näitä ikivanhoja juttuja, että tulee nekin laitettua.

Before I’ll tell you about my new exiting life at Orivesi I’ll show you some of these ancient comics.

Oh right, I was supposed to visit the library. / Whatta hell? / Usually they put up a sign if they close the library for the whole day. / What if someone’s hacked the library data base? Or someone’s had a fit! Or something…

Well I haven’t got all day to wait for them to open. / Wonder if the buss’ll leave soon? / It’s 9.28. / The library’ll open in two minutes… / Over active imagination often causes problems. / And I wasn’t even supposed to visit the library.

I’ve participated in a camp school project for the last two years. / I’ve sold cakes at Christmas and made coffee for evening occasions. / And now I won’t even be able to go to Scotland because of some fucking volcano erupting in some fucking Iceland.

Ensimmäisiä oppitunteja:

First lessons:

Tehtävä: Kahden vastakeksityn hahmon kohtaaminen.

Task: We’d just designed two characters and now we had to make a comic of their encounter:

Evening. / I just wanted to see you since I’m your neighbour and I’ve lost a pet snake. / Krrhm. / You see it’s kinda poisonous and stuff… / Khrm. Never seen such a thing. / Um. Well thanks anyway.

You wouldn’t like some milk, would you?

Tässäpä vähän tuota esimmakua.