You don’t have to defrost the bread in a microwave. Just leave it on the table for a while. / A moment later: It smells funny here. / God dammit! / I’m so sorry!

The deadline’s in the morning. / I finished mine at three. / Well at least the line art. But still. / After four hours of sleep we had critique (although no one was severely critisized) / You all suck hahaa. / Everyone had really cool comics and our small press magazine’ll have a million pages.

Ville Pirinen was here for the last day. / Well guess I’m off- / No you have to take this card we made you. / Can I have an autograph? / I want one too! / Me too! / Well okay then…

The scanner doesn’t work. Esa please help, you’re so good with machines. / Oh oops.


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