A GOOD DAY: I was able to sleep in cause the school started so late. Even the neighbours didn’t wake me up. // They didn’t teach anything too difficult yet. // After school I went to Pori city centre.

I met one of my new classmates and mentioned 24 hour comics day. We decided to arrange a happening. // I visited shops.

In the evening I went for a walk in Käppärä grave yard. // Jusélius Mausoleum looked so cool in the twilight.

I spent the rest of that week with a cold but it was worth it.


PAPRIKA: At last I woke up early. Now I can go to sleep early too. // They’re airing Paprika at 45 minutes past midnight. // Later

At last I found this in the library. // Goddammit! It’s stuck!

The library always has scratched DVDs. // So I’m forced to watch it online. // And then I was able to watch it without a problem. And it was worth it.


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